Meet the Vapojet - The Essential Accessory

VapojetSo why doesn't the Elnapress use steam?

So thanks to the nifty technology of the latest Elnapress accessory (included in the 720 and 520 models) the Vapojet eliminates the need for steam.

Why no steam?

Steam leaves stains. In conventional irons and competing press brands, water is heated and stored repeatedly for long periods of time in a water reservoir. Over time, mineral deposits build and eventually cause rusting on the shoe, or worse, discoloration on your fabrics/laundry.

The Vapojet, in combination with the stellar heat capability of the Elnapress' Peraluman shoe, eliminates steam all together. A light burst of water sprays easily and evenly on the surface of the press. Once the 100lbs of pressure is applied with the heat, the water is instantly dissolved along with any pesky wrinkles.