The Modern Approach to an Age Old Chore

Elnapress 450 - Tackle every wrinkle with professional dry cleaning results

Stow your iron and upgrade to an Elnapress to save yourself time, energy and tireless ironing efforts. This quick time-saving solution will leave you wondering:
"How did I ever live without an Elnapress?"
The various Elnapress models are engineered with over 40 years of industry defining ironing/press technology from the reliable and dependable Elna brand.


  • SAFE

    Electronic temperature control & security system with automatic power cut-off.


    Cut your ironing time in half! The Elnapress has an ironing surface more than 10 times larger than a conventional iron.


    Get yourself a comfortable chair and sit, because with an Elnapress, you don’t iron – you press!


    With an Elnapress you’ll get professional dry-cleaning results while using less electricity than a conventional iron – so you save time, energy and money.


    The Elnapress is portable, compact, lightweight, easy to set-up and put away.


    Designed and engineered in Geneva, Switzerland over 45 years ago, Elnapress remains a household name in Europe.

Get Laundry Done In No Time Flat!

Get Laundry Done In No Time Flat!

• Dry-Cleaning Finish without the dry-cleaning shine.
• Press trousers, jackets, and jeans. A shirt in just two minutes.
• Less wear and tear on your fabrics.
• Press sheets, pillowcases, towels more easily than ever before.

Built to Quilt

Built to Quilt

• Prepare your fabrics quickly & easily.
• Block your quilt squares & fat quarters with a puff of steam, press for amazing accuracy.

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How much time saving is there with the Elnapress compared to a conventional iron?

The surface of the heating shoe on the Elnapress is ten times bigger compared to a conventional iron. In addition, many layers can be pressed at the same time.The automatic pressure of 100 lbs ensures faster ironing and a perfect result in a single movement.

Which types of fabric can be ironed with an Elnapress?

The ability to precisely choose the ironing temperature and vary the pressure allows you to iron any type of fabric. Knitwear and wool can also be ironed at an appropriate temperature.

Is the temperature setting easy to adjust?

The choice of the ironing temperature is made by a touch on the selection screen or by turning a dial depending on the Elnapress model.

Does the Elnapress make steam?

The vaporized water on the fabric produced by using a Vapojet or by a spray is converted into steam when in contact with the heating shoe. The steam created regenerates the fibers of the fabric and ensures perfect ironing.

Can I iron items like shirts, pleated trousers, knitted clothing or bedding with the Elnapress?

The Elnapress has been designed to allow you to iron all types of fabric in all shapes and sizes (it is possible to press up to eight layers of fabric at once). A range of accessories are also available to assist you with your ironing.

Will the Elnapress put a shine on the fabrics?

The shine on the fabric is caused by the back & forth movement of a standard iron. The Elnapress irons by pressure, no movement is required under the heating shoe. As a result, the fabric will always look new.